Packing for your Trip

Posted on 02/23/2017

There is such joy and excitement in the anticipation of a trip, but the packing and organizing for it can be an unwelcome challenge.

It is best to start a couple of weeks before your trip. Make a list of what you are planning on doing while away. If you are going to be spending all your time at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, what you need to pack is quite different from what you need if you are going on a multi-city trip to Europe. Once you have determined what you are doing, it is easier to make a list of what you will need in the way of clothes. Set out all the items you are going to take a few days before leaving. Usually you can eliminate a third of what you originally set out.

Not sure what the weather is going to be? There is nothing worse in my opinion than being cold, so pack items that you can wear in layers and add or remove them as the temperature changes. A raincoat or windbreaker and a collapsible umbrella are a wise addition.

Try to keep to one colour scheme so that the items are interchangeable. Mix and match tops and bottoms are an effective way of keeping your suitcase light and you won't feel like you are wearing the same outfit over and over again.

When on a vacation, it is more important to be comfortable than to be a fashion statement. Shoes take up a lot of room so wear the bulkiest pair on the plane and limit yourself to one or two pairs of shoes that will be easy on the feet as you tour the big cities.

If you get sick while away, you might not be able to find that one decongestant that works well for you or the antacid that calms your upset stomach. A well stocked first aid kit will add extra weight to your carry-on but could come in very handy.

Airlines are getting stricter about suitcase size and weight. A good rule of thumb is that your suitcase must be no larger than 62 linear inches, that is the length + width + depth cannot exceed 62. The height measurement is from the floor to the top of the handle. For international flights, the weight is usually 50 lbs. If you are going south, keep in mind that your suitcase and clothes will take on humidity and be heavier on the way home than on the way down.

Carry on bags must fit into the bag sizer located in the check in area. Weight restrictions vary by airline. Make sure that items of value and your medications are in your carry-on in case your checked bag goes missing. A wheeled carry-on will have to go in the overhead compartment so you need to be able to lift it without endangering anyone sitting nearby.

Photo credit: CJS*64 "Photo credit: CJS*64 "Man with a camera" via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND